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         MUDMEE restaurant is where we cater you the great tastes and variety of flavours of fine Thai and neighbouring countries cuisine, set in the modern and contemporary restaurant where we use fresh spices which include lime leaves, basil leaves, galangal and fresh ginger which are flown in from Thailand to ensure the freshest of ingredients are used in our cooking.

          So enjoy your meal......


MUDMEE is the heart and soul of Amphur Cholnabot People. Northeast Thailand or I-saan is the most important area for Thai silk, a Thai symbol amongst people the World over. Each locality is renowned for each variety of silks. Like Amphur Cholnabot, Knon Khaen province, is the major weaving center of Mudmee silk.

MUDMEE silk fabric is produced with ancient method of tying in the required pattern with hay, straw or banana ropes. The ropes prevent any water from penetrating the silk yarns whilst dyeing so this process gives the name "Mudmee". The tied yarns will pass through the dyeing process. Only the untied parts will absorb the dye. The same method may be done depending on the number of colors on the silk yarn. Then each silk yarn is woven to make a diversity of designs of which the colored areas are put together to make patterns. The mudmee motigs are based on those varieties of lines and patterns.

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