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       PRAWN CRACKERS   2.00

1     GAI SATAY                   4.90
Grilled marinated chicken satay with peanut sauce

2     POH PIA PED                4.90
Spring roll filled with roast duck, cabbage and carrot with hoi sin sauce

3     TOD MUN PLA *          4.90
Thai fish cakes blended with red curry paste, fine beans and lime leaves served with
chopped cucumber, onion, carrot, peanuts and sweet vinegar

4     PANG GOONG             4.90
Minced prawn and chicken on toast topped with sesame seeds served with
sweet chilli sauce

5     KANOM JEEB               4.90
Steamed dumplings of minced chicken, crab sticks, prawn, bamboo shoot, mushroom
water chest nut wrapped with wonton skin served with tamarind soy sauce

6     MOOK TORD  *            4.90
Deep fried lightly battered calamari tossed with garlic, spring onion, rice wine,
chilli served with a wedge of lemon

7     GRADOOK MOO          4.90
Famous Thai spare ribs marinated in soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, pepper,
coriander root and honey

8     GOONG HOM                4.90
King prawns marinated with garlic and coriander root wrapped with rice pastry
served with sweet chilli sauce

9    CRAB JAA                       4.90
Crab meat blended with potato, coriander roots, garlic, pepper and soy sauce then
coated with breadcrumbs served with plum sauce

10    STEAMED SCALLOP   4.90
Steamed Scallops with ginger and garlic served with seasoning soy sauce

11    PEEK GAI YUD SAI      4.90
Stuffed chicken wing filled with minced chicken, prawn, water chestnut, spring onion,
vermicelli seasoning with garlic, sesame oil and black pepper serve with plum sauce

12     POH PIA JAY (v)           3.90
Spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables and glass noodles served with
sweet chilli sauce 

13     PODE TORD(v)             3.90
Sweet corn cakes blended with flour and fragrant spices served with chopped
cucumber, carrot, onion, peanuts and sweet vinegar

14    VEGETABLE TEMPURA (v)     3.90
Deep fried lightly battered mixed vegetable served with sweet chilli sauce

15    VEGETABLE SAMOSA (v)       3.90
Samosa filled with a curried vegetable filling served with chopped cucumber,
carrot, onion and sweet vinegar

16     PAK KHOM (v)                        3.90
Steamed spinach served with sesame dressing

17     POH PIA SOD (v)                     3.90
Fresh roll filled with vermicelli, bean curd, beansprout and basil leaves
served with tamarind soy gravy       

For groups of 2 or more, these starter menus below are highly recommended as they allow each person to try a little bit of all the different tastes

18   PLATTER (minimum 2 people)             per head              5.50
POH PIA JAY – vegetable spring roll
PANG GOONG – minced prawn and chicken on toast
GAI SATAY – chicken satay
KANOM JEEB – steamed dumpling

19    PLATTER JAY (v)  (minimum 2 people )         per head        4.50
POH PIA SOD – fresh roll
SAMOSA – vegetable samosa
PAK TEMPURA – vegetable tempura
PODE TODE – sweet corn cake

20   PED KROB                                                                                                    quarter                                 7.50
Half                                     14.00
Aromatic crispy duck served with spring onions, cucumber, hoi sin sauce and pancakes



21 TOM YUM GOONG ** 4.90
Traditional Thai hot and sour soup with king prawns flavoured
with lemon grass, fresh lime leaves, galangal and chilli

22 TOM KHA GAI *           4.90
Famous chicken galangal soup which is similar in taste to Tom Yum
but with a more distinct taste of galangal root and addition of
coconut milk to mellow the flavour

23 KEOW NHAM               4.90
Chicken and prawn won ton soup with Chinese green, soy sauce and sesame oil


24    SOM TUM *                      7.50
         Green papaya salad with carrots, ground dried shrimps, chilli, tomatoes and
         peanuts tossed with lime juice and fish sauce

25    YUM NEAU * *                 9.50
Scotch sirloin salad with onions, cucumber, tomato, mints, coriander served with
garlic, chilli and lime dressing

26     LAAB GAI * *                  7.50
Minced chicken salad with ground roast rice, onion, mint, lemon juice and chilli

27    YUM WOONSEN * *       7.90
Mung bean noodle salad with minced pork, prawn, fresh chilli, onion, spring onion and
lime juice

28    YUM TALAY * *              7.90
Mixed seafood salad with onion, carrot, celery, spring onion, coriander served with
garlic, chilli and lime dressing

29   YUM SOM OWE *            7.90
Pomelo salad with chicken, prawn, chilli powder, fried shallot, peanuts, roasted coconut and spring         onions


30   GOONG SI IEW               11.90
       Fresh water king prawns on the shell steamed with soy sauce, rice wine, garlic and
       spring onion

31   SUA RONG HAI * *        11.90
Scotch sirloin grilled and sliced, tossed with rice wine and served with chilli powder    
and soy sauce

32  LAMB YANG * *              11.90
Lamb marinated in mint and garlic, grilled and served with fresh chilli sauce

33   PED MAKHAM                11.90
Roast duck sliced in tamarind sauce served on the bed of Chinese green and
pickled ginger

34   GAI YANG                         9.90
Grilled Thai chicken breast marinated in soy sauce, ginger, lemon grass, turmeric
coriander root and honey served with sweet chilli sauce

35   GAI NUENG *                    9.90
Steamed chicken breast marinated in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil
served with ginger yellow bean sauce

36   PLA MANOW * *              13.90
Steamed Seabass fillets with lime juice, garlic, chilli, fish sauce, coriander and spring onion

37   PLA TORD *                      13.90
Shallow fried Seabass fillets served with fresh green mango, fresh chilli, shallot and
fish sauce

38   PLA TERIYAKI                   9.90
Salmon fillet pan fried and topped with teriyaki sauce

39   KHOR MOO YANG*         9.90
Grilled marinated neck end of pork in soy sauce, pepper, garlic, coriander root and


40   GAI MED MUANG             6.90
Chicken with cashew nut, onion, peppers, dry chilli and soy sauce

41   GAI HAEW                          6.90
Chicken with water chestnut, leek and spring onion

42   GAI KHING SOD               6.90
Chicken with fresh ginger, black fungus, onion and spring onion

43   NEAU HOI                          6.90
Beef with mushroom, onion, pepper in oyster sauce

44   NEAU GRATIAM               6.90
Beef in garlic and pepper sauce

45   NEAU MAKHAM               6.90
Beef with fresh ginger, garlic, onion and a dash of tamarind juice

46   MOO GRAPROW * *         6.90
Pork with fresh basil leaves, fresh chilli and green beans

47   MOO PRIK PHOW *          6.90
Pork with red pepper, basil leaves, and roasted chilli paste made of shallots,
garlic, chilli and shrimps

48   MOO WHAN                      6.90
Pork caramelized with onion, garlic, soy sauce and muscovado sugar

49   GOONG PRIEW WAN       7.90
King prawns with pineapple, cucumber, onion, peppers in sweet and sour sauce

50   GOONG NOR RHANG      7.90
King prawns with fresh asparagus, garlic and oyster sauce

51   GOONG TAKRAI               7.90
King prawns with fresh lemon grass, garlic, peppers, turmeric and spring onions

52   PED SUB ROD                    7.90
Roast duck slices with pineapple, fresh ginger, onion, carrot and spring onions

53   PED KHEE MAO **           7.90
Roast duck slices with bamboo shoots, green beans, basil leaves and chilli

54   PED TAO SI                        7.90
Roast duck slices with green peppers and onions in black bean sauce

55   TALAY PRIK PHAO *       7.90
Mixed seafood with red peppers, basil leaves and roasted chilli paste made of
shallots, garlic, chilli and shrimps

56   TALAY GRAPROW * *      7.90
Mixed seafood with fresh basil leaves, chilli and green beans

57   TALAY KHUA THET         7.90
Mixed seafood with onion, tomato, garlic, peppers, and tomato sauce


58   GAENG KIEW GAI *          6.90
      Famous Thai chicken green curry cooked with bamboo shoots, Thai aubergines,
      lime leaves, basil leaves and coconut milk

59   GAENG DANG NEAU *      6.90
Beef red curry cooked with potatoes, green beans and coconut milk

60   MASSAMAN GAEK *         7.50
Lamb massaman curry slow cooked with shallot, potatoes, peanuts and coconut milk

61   KARI GAEK *                      7.50
Lamb yellow curry slow cooked with potatoes, onion and coconut milk

62   RENDANG NEAU *             7.90
Beef rending curry slow cooked with lemon grass, roasted coconut and spices

63   PANANG GAI *                   7.90
Chicken curry cooked with curry paste, ground coriander seeds, cumin seeds and
coconut milk

64   GAENG GOONG SUB ROD *   7.90
King prawns curry cooked with pineapple, peppers, fresh lime leaves and coconut milk

65   GAENG PA MOO **                 6.90
Pork jungle curry with mixed vegetables, Thai aubergine and fresh chilli

66   GAENG PED *                           7.90
Roast duck curry cooked with peppers, pineapple, tomato and basil leaves

67   PLA CHU CHI **                       8.90
Salmon fillet pan fried and topped with red curry sauce, lime leaves and coconut milk

68   GANG GAI MARLOW * *         6.90
Chicken curry with wax gourd, lime leaves, fresh chilli and coconut milk

69   MALAYSIAN CHICKEN * *     7.50
Chicken curry slow cooked with potatoes, curry spices, turmeric, cinnamon and
coconut milk


70   PAD PAK                                     6.90
Stir fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce

71   PAK NUENG                               6.90
Steamed Chinese greens with ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil

72   BROCCOLI                                  6.90
Steamed broccoli in garlic sauce

73   PAK BOONG *                            6.90
Flash fried morning glory with garlic, soy bean sauce, chilli and soy sauce


74 Steamed rice       2.20
75 Steamed noodles 2.80
76 Egg fried rice       2.80
77 Coconut rice       2.80
78 Sticky rice           2.80
79 Egg Noodles       2.80
80 Paratha – unleavened flat bread, ideal for curry 2.80


83   PAD THAI                         7.90
Stir fried rice stick noodles with king prawns, egg, beansprouts, ground dried shrimps,
spring onions and ground peanuts

84   KHEE MOW NEAU *       7.50
Stir fried rice stick noodles with beef, bamboo shoots, peppers, chillies and basil leaves

85   SING CHOW MAI            7.90
Stir fried rice vermicelli noodles with chicken slices, fish cakes, egg, vegetables flavoured
with turmeric and spices

86   SEE IEW GAI                    7.50
Stir fried rice vermicelli noodles with chicken slices, egg, spring green and broccoli

87   SEN MEE PED                  7.90
Stir fried rice vermicelli noodles with sliced roast duck, onions, beansprouts,
spring onions and dark soy sauce

88   RAD NAR MOO                7.50
Stir fried Hor Fun noodles topped with pork, spring greens, broccoli and carrots in
yellow bean gravy

89   CHAR KWAY TEOW*      7.90
Stir fried Hor Fun noodles with king prawns, egg, garlic, chilli, spring onions and
beansprouts in a dark soy sauce

90   KUA GAI *                         7.50
Stir fried Hor Fun noodles with chicken, egg, beansprouts, spring onions in a mild
chilli sauce

91   MEE HOKKIEN                 7.90
Stir fried egg noodles with prawn, squid, fish cakes, Chinese green and beansprouts

92   MEE GORENG*                 7.50
Stir fried egg noodles with beef, spring green, beansprouts, peppers, chilli in oyster sauce

93   YAKI UDON                      7.50
Stir fried udon noodles with chicken, spring green, carrots, peppers and onions

94   NASI GORENG *               7.50
Stir fried with chicken, egg, mixed vegetables, roasted chilli paste and dark soy sauce

95   KHAO KIEW WHAN **    7.50
Stir fried rice with chicken, green curry paste, chilli, mixed vegetables and a dash of
coconut milk

96   KHAO GOON CHIANG *  7.90
Stir fried rice with Chinese sausage, bbq pork, egg, spring onion and fresh chilli

97   KHAO SUB ROD                7.90
Stir fried rice with chicken, prawn, pineapple, onion and spring onions, cashew nuts

98   KHAO SAM SAHAI            7.90
Special fried rice with bbq pork, chicken, prawn, egg and garden peas



99   SEN MEE TOM KHA *        7.90
Rice vermicelli noodles galangal soup with chicken, coconut milk, mushrooms,
lemon grass and lime leaves

100  PHO                                     7.90
Rice stick noodles soup with beef, beansprouts, cinnamon, star anise, basil leaves and
fresh coriander

101  KHANOM JEEN *               7.90
Rice noodles soup with king prawns, fine bean, morning glory, beansprouts,
fried onions, chilli powder, mung bean and coconut milk

102   LEK TOM YUM**               7.90
Rice stick noodles tom yum soup with mixed seafood , mushrooms, lemon grass,
lime leaves and crushed peanuts

103  SINGAPORE LAKSA *         7.90
Egg noodles and rice vermicelli noodles with prawns, squid and fish cakes in a
mild curry soup

104   YEN TA FO                           7.90
Hor Fun noodles in a red bean paste soup with prawn, squid, crab sticks and fried tofu

105  WON TON NOODLES          7.90
Won Ton noodles soup with chicken and prawn won ton, bbq pork and Chinese green

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