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- Available 11.30am – 03.00pm.  All dishes served with steamed rice or 60p extra for egg fried rice, coconut rice, steamed noodles, egg noodles

- Almost all of these dishes can be done as vegetarian meals, with the meat substituted by beancurd or mixed vegetables

< * Prices subject to change without notice. >


106  GAI MED MUANG                       6.90
Chicken with cashew nut, onion, peppers, dry chilli and soy sauce

107  GAI HAEW                                    6.90
Chicken with water chestnut, leek and spring onion

108  GAI KHING SOD                          6.90
Chicken with fresh ginger, black fungus, onion and spring onion

109 NEAU HOI                                      6.90
Beef with mushroom, onion, pepper in oyster sauce

110  NEAU GRATIAM                          6.90
Beef in garlic and pepper sauce

111 NEAU MAKHAM                           6.90
Beef with fresh ginger, garlic, onion and a dash of tamarind juice

112 MOO GRAPROW * *                     6.90
Pork with fresh basil leaves, fresh chilli and green beans

113 MOO PRIK PHOW *                      6.90
Pork with red pepper, basil leaves, and roasted chilli paste made of shallots,
garlic, chilli and shrimps

114 MOO WHAN                                  6.90
Pork caramelized with onion, garlic, soy sauce and muscovado sugar

115 GOONG PRIEW WAN                   7.90
King prawns with pineapple, cucumber, onion, peppers in sweet and sour sauce

116 GOONG NOR RHANG                  7.90
King prawns with fresh asparagus, garlic and oyster sauce

117 GOONG TAKRAI                           7.90
King prawns with fresh lemon grass, garlic, peppers, turmeric and spring onions

118 PED SUB ROD                                7.90
Roast duck slices with pineapple, fresh ginger, onion, carrot and spring onions

119 PED KHEE MAO **                       7.90
Roast duck slices with bamboo shoots, green beans, basil leaves and chilli

120 PED TAO SI                                    7.90
Roast duck slices with green peppers and onions in black bean sauce

121 TALAY PRIK PHAO *                   7.90
Mixed seafood with red peppers, basil leaves and roasted chilli paste made of
shallots, garlic, chilli and shrimps

122 TALAY GRAPROW * *                 7.90
Mixed seafood with fresh basil leaves, chilli and green beans

123 TALAY KHUA THET                     7.90
Mixed seafood with onion, tomato, garlic, peppers, and tomato sauce


124 GAENG KIEW GAI *                       6.90
Famous Thai chicken green curry cooked with bamboo shoots, Thai aubergines,
lime leaves, basil leaves and coconut milk

125 GAENG DANG NEAU *                  6.90
Beef red curry cooked with potatoes, green beans and coconut milk

126 MASSAMAN GAEK *                     7.50
Lamb massaman curry slow cooked with shallot, potatoes, peanuts and coconut milk

127 KARI GAEK *                                  7.50
Lamb yellow curry slow cooked with potatoes, onion and coconut milk

128 RENDANG NEAU *                        7.90
Beef rending curry slow cooked with lemon grass, roasted coconut and spices

129 PANANG GAI **                            7.90
Chicken curry cooked with curry paste, ground coriander seeds, cumin seeds and
coconut milk

130 GAENG GOONG SUB ROD *        7.90
King prawns curry cooked with pineapple, peppers, fresh lime leaves and coconut milk

131 GAENG PA MOO **                       6.90
Pork jungle curry with mixed vegetables, Thai aubergine and fresh chilli

132 GAENG PED *                                 7.90
Roast duck curry cooked with peppers, pineapple, tomato and basil leaves

133 PLA CHU CHI **                             8.90
Salmon fillet pan fried and topped with red curry sauce, lime leaves and coconut milk

134 GANG GAI MARLOW * *               6.90
Chicken curry with wax gourd, lime leaves, fresh chilli and coconut milk

135 MALAYSIAN CHICKEN * *          7.50
Chicken curry slow cooked with potatoes, curry spices, turmeric, cinnamon and
coconut milk











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